The Time Has Never Been Better For Jill Stein

The moment when Bernie Sanders moved that Hillary Clinton be selected as nominee on July 26, I decided to officially support Jill Stein of the Green Party for president of the United States whose platform is almost identical to Bernie Sanders’ and more viable.

Why do I support Jill Stein? – The time is ripe

1. Jill Stein has a huge supporter base of millions of Bernie Sanders’ supporters (a.k.a. berners)

131,200+ Berners count to date and growing have signed a pledge to vote for Jill Stein Green Party 2016 if Bernie Sanders is not the Democratic Party nominee.

Bernie’s former campaign staffers urge him to run with Jill Stein.

Defeat Trump in 3 easy steps without voting for Hillary

Defeat Trump in 3 easy steps without voting for Hillary

2. The unfavorable ratings of Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton are at historic highs

Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton are viewed unfavorably by the majority.

3. 60% of Americans need a third major political party

According to Gallup U.S. Daily survey, 60% of Americans say a third major political party is needed. 78% of independents say a third party is needed.

According to a polling conducted by Data Targeting, 55% of respondents favor having an independent presidential ticket in 2016. A shocking 91% of voters under the age of 29 favor having an independent candidate on the ballot.

4. Stein polling at 49 percent among independent-minded voters

IVN conducted a presidential poll from July 15-24 asking nearly 32,000 independent and independent-minded voters who they would vote for if the presidential election were held today. When given an opportunity to vote for more than one candidate in a 4-way race between Trump, Clinton, Johnson, and Stein, Johnson and Stein each reached nearly 50% with Stein polling slightly higher at 49 percent to Johnson’s 47 percent.

5. Jill Stein is polling well on We the People App

Install We the People App

Meet We the People App

Meet We the People App

6. Jill Stein will cancel your student debt

Jill Stein will bail out the 43 million current and former students who are carrying $1.3 trillion dollars in unforgiving college loans.

7. Jill Stein certainly can – 50 states voter mobilization program

Jill Stein voter mobilization program

Jill Stein voter mobilization program

8. A Relay Race Analogy of this Movement

I regard Bernie Sanders (then) Jill Stein as necessary milestones to pave the way towards a better future. They’re not the destination. But they play crucial roles in working towards that future. They’re the opportunities that should not be missed.

Other choices will slow down the process.

It was time for Bernie Sanders, it’s now time for Jill Stein, and it will be time for others in the future.

It’s like a relay race. No one person can change the system alone.

Bernie Sanders succeeded in waking up people on the stage of the Democratic Party, but he cannot do much within the system.

Now Jill Stein continues this relay race because of the similarity of their platforms and supporters. Sure she’s not perfect. I’m sure she’s not the destination. But she is a role at this moment as crucial as Bernie Sanders was.

After her, the relay race will be much easier. Someone and something more perfect will emerge. People will have more choices at that time in building a wonderful future together.

The right choice at the right time will lead to success.

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