Jill Stein’s First Presidential Debate

Jill Stein’s first #OccupyTheDebates live stream reached 15 million views and its recorded video keeps going viral; there are 2 more debates ahead. Stein will reach as many people as major party candidates do.

Jill Stein first debate 15 million views

Jill Stein first debate 15 million views

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Freedom is never voluntarily given by the oppressor. Freedom must be demanded by the oppressed. Martin Luther King, Jr.
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I thought we were living in a peaceful world until the Paris and subsequent attacks worldwide. I then learned that such terrorist attacks have had a long history. I just didn’t pay enough attention to the news. Apparently, the sickness of terrorism isn’t cured; on the contrary, it pervades and has become a chronic disease. As a world citizen, I feel a great urge to do my part, however small, to contribute to world peace.