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Invite All your Friends to Like Dr Jill Stein

Do you like this image and idea? I hope you will be with me on this mission to get Jill Stein 20M likes in 3 weeks. You will see it’s possible if you help.

Invite friends to like Jill Stein

Invite friends to like Jill Stein

Step 1: Like Jill Stein’s official Facebook page
Step 2: Invite 50+ friends to like her page
(Step 3: 5+ of your friends will like Jill’s page in 2 days)
Step 4: Encourage these 5+ friends to invite their friends to like Jill Stein’s page by sharing this idea and this image, then your 5+ friends will bring in additional 25+ likes 2 days later.
I invited 800 friends to like a Facebook page, and in 2 days, 80 of them liked that page.
Jill Stein’s Facebook page now has 500,000+ likes. If we share this idea with all our friends (especially those who have already liked her page) and groups, at least 5,000+ of them will be reached and take action in 2 days.
5,000 x 5 x 5 x 5 x 5 x 5 x 5 = 78,125,000 + original 500,000+ = 78,625,000+ in 2 months or fewer.
This is a winning number!
Remember, the key point is sharing after liking! It’s crucial to share after liking to make it work!
Every time we reach a milestone of 1 million, 2 million, 5 million, 10 million… even more people will join in. This will bring in exponential growth.
Please share this idea whenever you communicate with others about the election. We will keep sharing this idea to as many people as and as soon as possible.
Please contact your friends who you think are diehard Steiners and send them this message individually. Ask them to join this special mission.
We can still mass-share the post and image every day. We can attach it when commenting, but individual contact of diehard Steiners is the key. They’re the pioneers.
People will follow when the numbers jump. As the pioneers, we must lead.
Thanks for your company on this meaningful journey.

Inspired by John D Rachel

“Their choices are not our choices.
Their candidates are not our candidates.
Their economy is not our economy.
Their government is not our government.
Their prisons are not our prisons.
Their police are not our police.
And their endless wars are not our wars.”

– Jill Stein

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l implore you to make the biggest donation to the Stein-Baraka campaign

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I thought we were living in a peaceful world until the Paris and subsequent attacks worldwide. I then learned that such terrorist attacks have had a long history. I just didn’t pay enough attention to the news. Apparently, the sickness of terrorism isn’t cured; on the contrary, it pervades and has become a chronic disease. As a world citizen, I feel a great urge to do my part, however small, to contribute to world peace.