How May I Help Jill Stein Win?


Jill Stein Plan A

Jill Stein Plan A

Let us all donate our weekend beer over the next 3 months to help Jill Stein pay for the next $650,000 in TV ads that will be running on MSNBC and other broadcast outlets.

See Also: Jill Stein’s first Money Boom was a huge success.

Invite All your Friends to Like Dr Jill Stein

Invite all your friends to Like Dr Jill Stein’s Official Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/drjillstein

Invite friends to like Jill Stein

Invite friends to like Jill Stein

Install We the People App

Install We the People Election 2016 News & Local Politics app by Hypr Inc.

Join Correct The Rhetoric – Jill Stein Internet Activists Facebook Group

There is an army of CTR trolls down-voting new Jill Stein related reddit posts and filling comment sections with misinformation. If a post makes it to the front page it has the potential to be seen by millions, this is what they fear. We aim to provide balance, and give Jill Stein a fair shot at the recognition she deserves. #ItsInOurHands

Join 50 States Voter Mobilization Program

Jill Stein certainly can - 50 states voter mobilization program

Jill Stein certainly can – 50 states voter mobilization program

Join Jill Stein’s 50-State Voter Mobilization Program

Volunteer for Jill Stein

Volunteer for Jill Stein

Volunteer for Jill Stein

You can become a volunteer: send text messages, organize in your community, organize on your campus, petition to get Jill Stein on the ballot, host a house party for the campaign, be an online activist, write an opinion piece about Jill Stein, help with technology, help with design/media, promote Jill Stein on social media, be an intern, work on fundraising, circulate petitions, do graphic design and/or web design, and do research etc.

Join Phone banking Group

Join phone banking group and make phone calls.

Include Jill Stein in Polling

Include Jill Stein in Polling

Work for Green Party

The Green Party is also hiring – campaign manager, fundraising director, assistant field director for ballot access, youth director, administrative assistant, and people to help with ballot access petitioning, field organizing, and online activism.

Join Grassroots Events

Join Jill Stein Grassroots Events:

Super Jill Stein

Super Jill Stein

Shop Jill Items

Shop Jill Items!

Share Featured Events on Facebook

Share featured events on Facebook.

Subscribe to Featured Jill2016 Events

Subscribe to featured Jill2016 Events.

Register Green

The more people who register Green, the stronger the Green Party is and the more all parties will take green issues and green voters seriously. Registering Green does not limit your voting options in general elections.

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