Say Goodbye to Write-in Bernie

Don’t be fooled by a write-in Bernie campaign. Such campaign only HURTS #Jill Stein, Green Party and the PEOPLE, and does NOT help Bernie at all.

Every vote taken away from Jill is money taken away from the only party for the people

Green Party 2020 public funding is based on the percentage of votes they get, 5% is the minimum, but, it does NOT give them FULL funding. EVERY vote taken away from Jill Stein is money TAKEN AWAY from the Green Party that could be used to BREAK the 2 party system. So EVERY vote for Jill Stein matters, not just to give her a chance of getting elected this year, but, for the future of the Green Party in 2020, for the PEOPLE.

One mistake will be a decade’s delay

In 2000, Ralph Nader chose to go where the votes were scarcest, jeopardizing his own chances of winning 5% of the vote, which he needed to gain federal funds in 2004.

If Ralph Nader gained federal funds in 2004, Green Party would have been in a much STRONGER position now. One mistake, a DECADE’s delay. Jill Stein will not make the same mistake. No calculation. EVERY vote for Jill Stein matters.

The risk of the deliberate “collaboration”

Bernie does not have enough Electoral Votes to acquire the needed 270 votes to win the election. Thus casting a write in vote for Bernie where Jill Stein is on the ballot has no advantage, because a write-in candidate needs more votes than any other candidate.

While some of us may be able to write in a candidate, the vast majority of the voters will not be able to do so, and unless we present a unified front against this corrupt 2 party system we are doomed to fail.

I understand Bernie/Stein supporters all want to keep H/D out of the WH. Let me explain the risk of any deliberate “collaboration”, in this case the writing-in of Bernie in one state (so far we cannot be 100% sure if it works and I know the rest of Berners will vote for Stein in other states.)

In a scenario where it might be true, BUT Bernie didn’t get enough votes in that state, then this also reduces Stein’s chance of getting enough votes in that state. This would risk the whole ballot for Stein who now has much more chance than Bernie to win.

If that scenario worked, why not give all votes to Stein? Stein is rising now. She can do more than Bernie, because she is running!

Say bye to Write-in Bernie

Say bye to Write-in Bernie

The write-in campaign was an HRC ploy

Just days after HRC announced her attack of the 3rd party vote, there was a resurgence of #WriteHimIn. This is an HRC ploy to keep Jill Stein from getting 5% in November, and deny 2020 Federal Funding to Greens. Why would berniecrats want to help them?

HRC ploy

HRC ploy

First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win.

We need a new major party now more than ever

We need a new major party now more than ever

Bernie brought us this far, but The Revolution is with Jill Stein, now. Focus on solidarity for the win. When both are your favorites, your conscience is calling you to concentrate on the big picture, bigger than yourself – breaking the 2 party system.

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